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August 24 2019

Kartoffelpuffer, Erdäpfelpuffer, Reibekuchen, Reiberdatschi, Reibeplätzchen, Kartoffelpfannkuchen, Grumbeerekiechle, oder Kartoffelplätzchen ist eine Zubereitungsart für Kartoffeln.
https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kartoffelpuffer :D
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mooom! >:(
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would watch
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just wanted to share this baby platypus


Okay, this is a pet peeve of mine so I’m going to apologize first because I AM GOING TO GO OFF. 

This is not a baby platypus. Baby platypus looks like this: 



What we have here is a very cute and nicely done art doll made by a russian artist:


As you can see, the first image in this post has misteriously lost the artist’s watermarks. It happens a lot. 

I can’t remember how many times I’ve had to search for the source of these “animal baby pics” and post the correct version because the harm it does has layers. No, that baby animal don’t look like that, it’s misinformation even if the person sharing it has no ill intentions and believes it was the real deal. And there’s an artist going uncredited and losing business because pics of their work are being circulated as “the real thing”. Which they are not. Definitively not. Very cute, but not accurate. 

By the way, the artist behind this platypus doll has a working etsy. Her name is Yulia Leonovich and she makes needle felt animal toys. It took me less than five minutes to find this information by doing an image search on google.



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