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August 20 2018

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The Alnwick Poison Gardens in Alnwick, England was established in 2005 by the Duchess of Northumberland. The grounds contain nearly 100 deadly plants that produce poisons or hallucinogens. Some are so dangerous, they are displayed only behind glass. And yes, there are opium poppies, cannabis, and magic mushrooms as well, but you can’t get close to them. Read about the poison gardens and other strange gardens that are (or once were) open to the public around the world in a list called Gardens of Death and Other Horticultural Marvels at Atlas Obscura.
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i never guite got how people seem to be shocked when showed how much sugar is in a paricular food. it's usually about the amount i expect.. perhaps ice cream is an exception because i feel like coldness kinda numbs your tongue and it tastes less sweet. also somehow they often leave out the sugar contained in fruit, and considerations about complex carbs..

also the number of caffeine deaths is very small. and coffee generally has more caffeine than energy drinks, so it's really strange he would recommend it as an alternative..

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