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October 02 2014

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September 10 2014


What assumptions help make for healthy polyamorous relationships? Unsurprisingly, the same ones that help to make healthy monogamous relationships: Our partners love and cherish us. Our partners want to be with us, and to build loving, happy relationships with us. We are, each of us, unique and irreplaceable; we are more than the sum of our parts. We are wanted. We are loved.

Believing we are loved is hard; it can seem seductively easy to accept, on an almost unconscious level, the idea that our partners perpetually have one foot out the door, that we must force, cajole, bribe, or police them into staying with us. And, should a partner choose to leave, we can tend to double down…it happened because we didn’t force, cajole, bribe, or police them enough. If only we’d enforced the rules more strictly, they would have stayed.

I would like to propose the radical idea that believing we are loved and cherished is the assumption that underlies nearly all successful relationships. I would also like to challenge everyone who reads these words to put this idea to the test. I am, after all, an empiricist. Let’s build relationships predicated on the notion that we don’t have to make our partners stay with us; we merely need to accept that we are cherished, and cherish those around us in return, and our partners will want to stay with us.

Who’s with me?

» Relationship Assumptions: The Good, the Bad, and the WTF? > More Than Two Book Blog
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August 28 2014

Reduce 'love locks' on bridges - "Venice doesn't need your garbage."

"It is important to make people understand that it is not a sweet gesture, the expression of a unique sentiment, but an action that is totally banal," writer Alberto Toso Fei tells the Gazzetta del Sud. He is behind a campaign called Unlock Your Love, which is distributing flyers in the famous Rialto, San Marco and Accademia areas. "Your love doesn't need chains," the leaflet says under a drawing of a heart-shaped open padlock. It also points out: "Venice doesn't need your garbage."
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April 08 2014

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March 17 2014


Sehr schöner Ansatz finde ich. Warum höre ich erst jetzt davon? „Beziehungsanarchisten betrachten jede Beziehung (Liebesbeziehungen und andere) individuell, im Gegensatz zu der üblichen Kategorisierung nach gesellschaftlichen Normen wie "nur Freunde", "in einer Beziehung", "in einer offenen Beziehung", etc.“
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February 28 2014

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February 13 2014

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February 09 2014

hs 54 nicht die richtigen richtig-mach-Eltern

Nach 4 Jahren fanden wir es an der Zeit, einmal darüber zu remümieren, wie es sich so lebt als queeres Dreichen mit Kind aka queere Pflegefamilie. Wir nehmen viel Bezug auf die Folge “Kinderüberraschung” vom Januar 2010, in der wir in leichtem Schockzustand eine Woche nach dem Elternwerden darüber berichten. Drehte sich damals alles um Deutschland-Fantum, Geschlecht und Medienkonsum, sprechen wir heute  über jahrelange Erschöpfungszustände und wie sie sich vermeiden lassen, Leben mit der Ungewissheit und wie das System™ es verunmöglicht, eine richtige™ Familie™ zu werden. Und darüber, was für ein tolles Kind wir haben.


Download (mp3, 100 MB)

Musik: Carvivorous Birds: Family

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January 29 2014

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January 22 2014

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January 21 2014

December 24 2013

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